Tom Manford 

"I know people are always curious about new garages and how trust worthy they are, and I was in exactly the same with using Tuned Uk but after speaking with a few people who had used them / heard of them I thought I would give them a go.

After calling & speaking to Richard about my requirements I felt much happier in handing my car over to him for suspension changes, from arriving and seeing the state of the art, immaculate unit I thought this looked like a very professional place. Both he & his colleague made me feel right at home & after going through the finer details on the work required I headed off home. He did advise that it may take longer depending on the condition of the car, and later that day had a phone call saying the work was going to run over (due to 10 year old parts not wanting to play nice) but he said he was going to stay late that same night (and this was already 7pm so god knows when he actually finished) & come in on the Sunday morning to ensure I had my car ready for the next day! Now if that's not dedication to work & fantastic customer service I don't know what is! I know not a lot of people would'nt have given up their only day off for this, but he did and that was unbelievably generous of him!

As soon as I turned up to collect the car the following morning I was overwhelmed with the work he had done for me & it turned out exactly how I hoped if not better. He even found other faults I had no idea were there like a bust rear bearing and a loose exhaust section which he managed to temporarily fix for me and will be repairing when I re-book to have the bearing changed. He gave a full rundown of the work carried out, showed me the new parts and how they operate and even took some snazzy photos!

I can honestly say I've never come to trust a company so quickly in my life, but will defiantly be revisiting Tuned UK again in the not too distant future! And if like me you were unsure on where to turn to find a trustworthy, professional, generous mechanic/fitter - look no further than here, I promise you will not be disappointed!"

Tomo Holmes‎ 

"Just had my coilovers set up, it has completely transformed the drive of the car, massive thanks to the team for sorting it, highly recommended!"

Stevie Taddei‎ 

"Literally couldn’t ask for a more professional, friendly and experienced service. Had a de-cat fitted to my Focus RS by Rich after plenty other garages turning the work down due to it being “awkward”. No problem for Tuned as I had the car back in a matter of hours. The Unit is fantastic and the service is spot on. All the work carried out by a real professional who knows what he’s doing and looks after your vehicle like it’s his own. If you’re thinking about getting work done on your car and you want it done right, don’t hesitate to give them a call. You won’t be disappointed. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Andrew Lowe 
"Awesome day out, fantastic customer service and what a workshop! Really pleased with the final result, it looks the business and even with all the old stuff in the boot you could get a real sense of the cars new agility on the back roads. I've never known such attention to detail on an alignment - suffice to say I can't see me going anywhere else in the future. Thanks once again. "

Christian McDonald 
Thanks for the amazing service and advice. The RS has been dialled in perfectly now with the new kit and expertly tuned geometry. Appreciated. 👌🏼"

Peter Hawley 
"Not stopped grinning yet, Exhaust is awesome with roof closed, roof open its epic"

Tim Shotton
"If Carlberg did garages.. Absolutely exceptional service and attention to detail "

Dawid Beilusiak
"Great people, great service, you can trust Richard to take good care of your pride and joy! Highly recommend!"