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SuperPro has invested a lot of time and resources into making sure each vehicle’s suspension geometry is incorporated into the design of every kit including consideration of the solid height to ensure the shock absorber does not bottom out before it strikes the bump stop. The lift height of each kit is unique to the specific vehicle application and the associated hardware is designed, engineered and thoroughly tested.

It’s also important to note that SuperPro’s Easy-Lift Kits raise the front and rear of the vehicle the same amount which maintains O.E. rake and weight distribution to ensure the O.E. braking performance is unaffected.

Everything required to fit is supplied in each kit, including comprehensive fitting instructions to ensure the right outcome every time.




SuperPro Easy-Lift Kits

Responding to the ever-increasing demand from owners that are looking for an efficient and effective way of boosting the look of their pick-up and in doing so, raise its ride height, performance suspension specialist SuperPro has produced a range of easy-to-fit lift kits. Comprising rear leaf-spring lift blocks, extended U-bolts and strut-top spacers, each kit is manufactured specifically for each model and is designed to work in harmony the vehicle’s OE suspension system.

Easy-Lift Kit fitted to the rear of a Ford Ranger

Since the company was started over 35 years ago, SuperPro has earned itself a well-deserved reputation for providing high performance upgrades that enhance the operation and efficiency of suspension systems, especially when it comes to 4x4s and SUVs. Its prowess when it comes to off-road and utility vehicles is hardly surprising, bearing in mind that the business was established in the acknowledged home of the ‘Ute’, Australia.

SuperPro’s Easy-Lift Kits are an ideal solution for owners who use their vehicle for on-road and light off-road duties. They are also ideal for those looking for an un-intrusive and therefore easily reversible, inexpensive, safe and legal option in order to gain a little more ground clearance whilst, at the same time, retain the feel of the standard suspension but with the enhanced look and stance of a ‘lifted’ pick-up.

“In the past, bolt-on aftermarket spacer kits have received a certain amount of criticism; some not properly developed and therefore having an adverse effect on handling, braking and potentially, driver control”, explains SuperPro Europe Managing Director Richard Fearn.

“SuperPro has carefully developed these kits to ensure they carefully correspond with each vehicle’s suspension geometry and dynamics.”

To ensure vehicles continue to perform as the manufacturer intended, each SuperPro Easy-Lift Kit incorporates the following features:

  • Front and rear rides heights are raised by the same amount. This maintains OE rake and weight distribution and consequently ensures braking performance remains unaffected.
  • A maximum suspension travel height is set so that dampers do not bottom out before striking the bump stop.
  • Every kit’s lift height is unique to specific model applications, with the associated hardware designed, engineered and thoroughly tested to ensure compatibility with each vehicle.

Each kit is supplied with all required parts together with comprehensive fitting instructions.


  • FORD RANGER PX / PXII (2011 and later)
  • ISUZU D-MAX MP and Holden Colorado (2012 and later)
  • MAZDA BT-50 (2011 and later)
  • MITSUBISHI L200 ML / MN and MQ (2006 and later)
  • NISSAN NAVARA D40 and NP300 (2005 and later)
  • TOYOTA HILUX KUN26 / GGN25 and GGN / GUN (2005 and later)
  • VOLKSWAGEN AMAROK (2010 and later)


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