Toyota Hilux Full SuperPro Lift & Handling Package

After testing and proving our Easy-Lift kit on the Hilux, we’ve now fitting our full lift/handling package to show you how good a Hilux can be with the right setup. We’ve lifted our vehicle by 50mm over the standard suspension height but the vehicle is not only more comfortable, it’s handling considerably better than it did before. It corners better, it’s more precise, more capable off-road, more predictable, and safer – with or without weight in the back. Whether you’re looking for comfort, ride, handling, towing confidence or looks – the SuperPro Handling Packages gives you it all.


SuperPro is an innovative Australian manufacturer of automotive polyurethane suspension bushings and suspension parts based in Brisbane, Australia. These specially formulated, high-quality components are designed to create suspension solutions for better stability, handling and control in on-road, off-road and race track applications. SuperPro offers the widest range of suspension upgrade components including poly bushes, suspension bushes, anti-roll bar bushes, anti-roll bars, anti-roll bar links, radius rods, control arm, panhard rods, shock absorber bushings, greasable shackle and pin kits, and so much more.

SuperPro Polyurethane Anti-Roll Bar 'D' Bushes

SuperPro Polyurethane Anti-Roll Bar ‘D’ Bushes

Experience has shown that modern vehicles today do not have provision for wheel alignment correction and as the vehicle’s suspension softens with age, they begin to wander or steer off in one direction. Replacing with SuperPro bushings and parts rectifies this by removing excess compliance in the suspension system without affecting NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness).

Products are constantly tested and re-engineered on their own vehicle fleet, customer’s vehicles in the UK, Europe and around the world, as well as a conducting a continuous program of cyclic testing on specifically-designed test equipment.

With their extensive range of superior quality bushes, they don’t just sell Polyurethane Suspension Bushes; they provide complete solutions to suspension and steering problems.

    • Better road holding
    • Constant steering geometry
    • Increased tyre life
    • More responsive steering
    • Longer service life of suspension components
    • No increase in Noise, Vibration or Harshness (NVH)

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