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Manufacturers of Performance and Sports Stainless Steel Exhausts 

Cobra Sport Performance Exhausts are based in Sheffield, the birthplace of stainless steel. The Company has a heritage in the performance exhaust business spanning more than four decades and is now run by the second generation of the founding Jarvis family. 

Cobra Sport’s ever growing range of aftermarket stainless steel sports exhausts set new standards in quality and performance with innovative design and unparalleled manufacturing expertise ensuring that all performance exhausts are engineered to the highest tolerances ensuring a perfect first-time fit and a truly pitch perfect exhaust sound.

This commitment to precision manufacturing and continuous improvement results in Cobra Sport Exhausts offering a lifetime warranty on their products.







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AU80 Front Pipe / De-Cat
AU82 Cat Back Exhaust (Resonated)
BM55 High Flow Sports Catalyst
BM56 De-Cat Pipe
BM89 Dual Exit Rear Exhaust
BM92 High Flow Sports Catalyst
BM93 De-Cat Pipe
BM96 High Flow Sports Catalyst
BM97 De-Cat Pipe
FD66 De-Cat Front Pipe Section
FD98 Rear Exhaust Section