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3D Four Wheel Alignment
3D Four Wheel Alignment

From road cars to race cars, our state of the art 3D four wheel alignment machine generates reports to within 0.0 mm and 0.00 degrees. This enables us to understand the way your car is handling in conjunction with its current set up and how your tyre contact patch is connected to the road surface. Using these alignment results we can improve your car’s handling and performance whilst reducing any unwanted tyre wear issues.

Suspension Set Up
Suspension Set Up

Whether your track orientated or requiring a fast road setup, we can ensure you get the best out of your chassis. We understand how crucial suspension set up is for any driver and we have both the knowledge and expertise to make your car handle to the best of its ability and your preferred style of driving. All our road, race and rally set ups are developed, tried and tested at Tuned HQ.

Corner Weighing

Having a well balanced chassis is the key to having full control of your competition car. Ideally, the perfect corner weighted chassis will have a 50 / 50 percentage cross, no matter if the car is front wheel or rear wheel drive. Simply adjusting the suspensions spring preload will enable the cross balance to be adjusted until the perfect corner weight percentage is found. All our corner weighting services are carried out with setup fuel, driver weight, (Co-driver weight if a rally car) and all anti roll bars, if fitted, will be disconnected. If you are keen to improve handling / balance and corner speed, our corner weighting service is the best option for any racer.

Track and Race Car Preparation
Track / Race Car Preparation

Track and race car preparation is our forte! From BTCC Cars to Clubman Level and Endurance racers, we are one of the best companies in the UK who can prepare you and your car to the highest engineering standards. Additionally, we are also able to supply and fit the best brands and safety features on offer, so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. Services available are: Race Support (Track and Rally); Basic Spanner Checks; Race Set Ups and Set Downs; Championship Upgrades; Safety devices / upgrades; Custom Race Builds; Full Season race preparation and support and Race and Rally car builds to championship regulations.

Electric and Hybrid Cars
Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Tuned UK can help you to ensure your electric or hybrid car remains in the best condition for the most enjoyable driving experience, no matter where the adventure takes you. We offer a wide range of services and parts for all makes and models of both electric and hybrid vehicles. To ensure peace of mind, all work would be carried out by a fully qualified mechanic.

Classic Car Preparation and Set Up
Classic Car Preparation & Set Up

Our extensive knowledge of geometry and suspension is a key feature for all our classic car clients. "Original" / "classic" specifications are not always the optimum setup for your pride and joy. New engineering developments have been made within the industry to enhance your cars stability and control. We have the facility and understanding to help, From simple geometry changes to complete suspension upgrades, we are able to offer the best suspension set up / upgrades for your classic vehicle.

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